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If you could get away from it all right now, where would you go? Would you pack the family into the cat and head off to one of our traditional seaside resorts? Would you hop on a plane and fly off to somewhere with guaranteed sun and beautiful beaches or would you head to the slops for some adrenalin fueled fun on the side of a mountain? This is the dilemma you could soon be facing, if you are of the winners of the latest Holiday Bingo promotion from Sun Bingo.

Qualify At Sun Bingo

This superb new promotion from Sun Bingo is running until Thursday 31st May, but has been broken down into four weekly qualifying periods. The first of these ends at midnight tonight however, so you might want to get over there as soon as possible if you want to be in this week’s draw. All you need to do is log into your account each week and enter the bonus codes:

  • Week 1 between the 3rd and 9th May – BEACH
  • Week 2 between the 10th and 16th May – SEA
  • Week 3 between the 17th and 23rd May – ICECREAM
  • Week 4 between the 24th and 30th May – SUN

The amount of money you spend during these dates will determine how many free cards you will earn:

  • £5 – 6 free cards
  • £10 – 12 free cards
  • £15 – 18 free cards
  • £20 – 24 free cards
  • £25 – 30 free cards
  • £30 – 36 free cards

Alternatively, you can purchase cards for 20p each.

Prize Nights At Sun Bingo

The free cards can be used for special Holiday Games, taking place every Thursday night at 8:30pm, and each of the lucky winners will walk away with a pocket full of vouchers to fund a holiday:

  • Full House – A £2,500 Holiday Voucher
  • Two Lines – A £1,500 Holiday Voucher
  • One Line – A £1,000 Holiday Voucher

In addition to this, between 8pm and 9pm, Sun Bingo is hosting ten Tourist Games. Cards for these games are just 10p each, and every one comes complete with £25 for the full house, £15 for two lines and £10 for one line.

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This promotion is running until Thursday 31st May 2018 and the Terms and Conditions are:


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