Stairway To The Stars At Bingo Hollywood

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Bingo Hollywood have given their loyalty scheme a major revamp, and when you register for an account you will automatically become part of Stairway to the Stars. They have made this scheme as fun as possible and packed it full of little challenges that are delivered straight to your inbox at the start of each month. As you carry them out, you’ll be rewarded with Stars and as you accumulate more and more, you’ll be able to exchange them for a range of treats.

Collect Stars At Bingo Hollywood

Stairway to the Stars is built around a series of different levels, each one unlocking as you reach a set amount. Stars are awarded for completing challenges that form trophies, and the more difficult the trophy, the more stars you’ll receive. The number of stars required for each is:

  • Level 1 – When you register
  • Level 2 – 3 Stars
  • Level 3 – 6 Stars
  • Level 4 – 13.5 Stars
  • Level 5 – 14.5 Stars
  • Level 6 – 20 Stars
  • Level 7 – 23 Stars
  • Level 8 – 26 Stars
  • Level 9 – 33.5 Stars
  • Level 10 – 36.5 Stars
  • Level 11 – 40 Stars
  • Level 12 – 43 Stars
  • Level 13 – 46 Stars

Unlike other sites loyalty schemes, the trophies at Bingo Hollywood do not expire, so you don’t have to worry about completing them before the end of each month.

Bingo Hollywood Rewards

The more stars you accumulate, the more rewards you will unlock, and they include free spins, bingo bonuses, games bonuses and free bingo cards. The value of these will also increase along with your loyalty level, so you are constantly being rewarded for staying an avid Bingo Hollywood roomie. You can unlock your trophies in the cabinet in the top left and corner of the screen and your rewards will be instantly added to your account.

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