Fright Fever At Sing Bingo

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Now the kids have gone back to school, the next big event on the calendar has to be Halloween! Whether you love things that go bump in the night or not, it’s always fun to scared witless, not matter how old you are! Bingo Starr wants to help you send chills down the spine of the family, so has lined up a special 75-ball Fright Fever game that will see the lucky winner heading to the best theme park in the country!

Sing Bingo’s Big Game

This special 75-ball bingo game is taking place at 10pm on Thursday night, so you don’t have log if you want to get involved. Luckily, all you have to do is log in to your Sing Bingo account and head to the lobby where you can purchase your cards for 25p each. You can join in the fun online or on your mobile phone with a maximum of 96 cards, but if you can’t get on to play live, your cards will be played for you. The lucky winner will receive £300 worth of vouchers to spend at the Alton Towers theme park. If fast rides and over-priced drinks are not your thing though, you can take £300 real cash instead.

Sing Bingo’s Big Gig

If you are one of Sing Bingo’s funded players, you get the chance to win big every Friday night. Their Gig Game runs at 10pm and everyone taking part can claim six free cards from the lobby. The jackpot starts at a whopping £10,000 but then slides as more balls are called:

  • 46 balls or less and win £10,000
  • 47 balls and win £9,000
  • 49 balls and win £8,000
  • 51 balls and win £7,000
  • 53 balls and win £6,000
  • 54 balls and win £5,000
  • 57 balls and win £4,000
  • 60 balls and win £3,000
  • 65 balls and win £2,000
  • 70 or more balls and win £1,000

They have also lined up £3,000 worth of bonus money for those unfortunate roomies that just miss out. Those that miss out by 2TG will share £2,000 between them and there is also £1,000 that miss out by 1TG.

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