Film Bingo’s Closing Credits

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Film Bingo is the movie inspired site we have all come to know and love. They first opened their virtual doors three years ago on the 15 Network and worked long and hard to establish themselves as a firm fan favourite thanks to a constant stream of impressive promotions and their dedication to keeping their roomies happy. They should have been celebrating their birthday this month, but we are sad to report that they will be closing instead.

And It’s Goodbye From Film Bingo

What makes the news even sadder is that the closing of Film Bingo was not the decision of the owners but rather the network and sadly there is nothing they can do to stop it. The email that dropped into our inbox says “Hello all, sadly we have been placed into a position where we need to close Film Bingo. Due to circumstances beyond our control we have been told (by the network) that we have to close in the very near future.”. It’s such a shame that a network can quite simply pull the rug from under a site that we love so much, without giving a second thought to the players that call Film Bingo home.

Film Bingo Are Going Out With A Bang

The owners of Film Bingo may not have a choice about closing, but this does not mean they are forgetting about their players. Head over there now and you will find the usual line-up of impressive promotions including free bingo, big money jackpots, their Friday Night Takeaway and even the chance to win a family holiday in the sun each week thanks to their slots tournament. They may not be here for a long time, but they are here for a good time, so make the most of the time you have left!

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