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How do you like to relax at the end of a long, hard day? Do you plonk yourself in front of the television and catch up on the soaps? Do you open a good book and read a few chapters or like us here at Bingo Junkies, do you prefer to chill out to some tunes? If so, you will know that sound quality can make all the difference, as there is nothing worse than listening to tinny speakers rattling at the first sign of bass. Sing Bingo appreciate this, so have lined up some fantastic prizes for the lucky winners of their new ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ promotion.

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This prize-packed 90-ball bingo game is taking place at 10pm on Thursday 10th May, so you have ample time to get involved. You can play with 1 to 96 cards and they are available right now for just 10p each from the Sing Bingo lobby. On the night, you can take part in the Don’t Stop the Music games on your computer or your smartphone if you prefer, meaning you can take part no matter where you are. If you are not sure you’ll be free however, don’t worry, as any cards you pre-purchase will be automatically played for you.

Quality Prizes From Sing Bingo

Sing Bingo has lined up a whopping £600 worth of the latest speakers for the lucky winner of their big game. The full-house winner will receive a B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen, the two-line winner a Klipsch R-25C speaker and the one-line winner a Sony Wireless Waterproof speaker. If you win one of these prizes but it does not take your fancy, you’re in luck as Bingo Starr gives you the option of taking a cash prize instead, with alternatives of £300, £200 and £100 up for grabs.

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This promotion ends on Thursday 10th May 2018 and the Terms and Conditions are:

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