Rollover Bingo is a brand new online bingo site that combines all the fun of your favourite game with the chance to win massive lottery jackpots thanks to their free National Lottery lines. This month we interviewed them to find out a little more about this exciting new concept and how they intend to compete in a market that sees new sites launched daily.

Click here to play at Rollover Bingo
Click here to play at Rollover Bingo

What is the history of Rollover Bingo?

Rollover bingo only started a month ago

Who came up with the idea of combining bingo with the National Lottery?

It’s been on the cards for a while – bingo players are pretty much all the National Lottery players as well. Everyone loves a jackpot and it doesn’t get much bigger than the big one – The national lottery so we thought it would be a perfect combination

What do you offer new players?

100% sign up bonus (cash match), plus once they play bingo, 1 lottery line for every £5 they spend on bingo

What games are available at Rollover Bingo?

75 ball and 90 ball bingo, and many instant win and slot games

Do you offer any free bingo?

No, just free lottery lines!

Can you explain how your free Lottery Tickets promotion works?

For every £5 you spend on bingo, we give you one free lottery line. this line is a syndicate, with 49 players. If you get 5 balls or more matched, then the syndicate shares the jackpot. and with 1 in 4 jackpots won by syndicates, it could be just the ticket! what’s more, for small wins, we pay out the full win, in bingo points. so for example for a 3 or 4 ball win, the win is usually £10 and £62 respectively. We pay out the win in Bingo points to everyone in the syndicate i.e. £10 or £62 worth of BPs top each player!

Will you be introducing any new promotions?

Yes, but currently working on this. always plenty up our sleeves!

How can a new site such as Rollover Bingo compete with the likes of Foxy Bingo?

It’s a different offering. It’s a small site with a different feel and appeals to a wide audience who fancy getting a chance to win the bingo jackpot!! The National Lottery!

Where do you see Rollover Bingo in 12 months time?

Still here, and even bigger and better. We could hope to roll out other lottery offerings too, not just the Lotto Saturday and Wednesday draws…watch this space

How do you see online bingo developing in the future?

The last year was all about heavily discounting the product – giving away more bonuses etc. It needs to move towards more added value product which this is. It needs some differentiation in the marketing place, which again this is.

Click here to play at Rollover Bingo
Click here to play at Rollover Bingo