Posh Bingo is one of the classiest online bingo sites you will ever find. Offering a superb range of games, life changing jackpots and fun packed promotions you really do not need to look any further for your bingo fix. If you fancy joining the exclusive list of player’s that call Posh Bingo home then slip on your Moda, pour yourself a large glass of bubbly and sign up now.

Click here to play at Posh Bingo
Click here to play at Posh Bingo

What is the history of Posh Bingo?

Posh Bingo started off as a site on the Globalcom network of bingo sites once upon a time. In April 2009, the site had a massive makeover and thus a new and improved Posh Bingo was born, complete with its own network of players and posh promos. Posh Bingo is now part of the Joy of Bingo network which boasts of three other great sites – Wink Bingo, Tasty Bingo and Redbus Bingo.

Just how posh is Posh Bingo?

Everything about Posh Bingo screams POSH, from our posh poodle to the posh website design to the very posh prizes we offer our players. At Posh Bingo, we are all about giving our players an exclusive bingo experience that will knock their socks off!

What do you offer new players to get them started?

Posh Bingo offers new players a 200% first time deposit bonus up to a total bonus amount of £200. So if they deposit £10, they get £20 bonus money to play with. Every subsequent deposit between £10-£100 entitles our Posh players to a 50% reload bonus.

What games does Posh Bingo offer?

Posh Bingo offers the most popular 75 and 90 ball bingo games along with a wide variety of side games and instants. We even offer progressive jackpots on our bingo as well as on four slot games. We have fun and exciting games such as Free Bingo (everyone loves Free Bingo! :), Speed Bingo, Penny Bingo, Team Bingo, the weekly £1M Sliding jackpot game (£500 guaranteed!), just to name a few.

Do you offer players any free bingo?

Yes, loads of it! The Daily Dosh games play TWICE a day, EVERY day at 8:30am & 8:30pm and there’s a Guaranteed £50 REAL CASH up for grabs in each game! We also have the “Freebies” & “Cash Crazy” rooms where free play is on between 10am & 1am every day with bingo funds up for grabs seven days a week!

Does Posh Bingo offer a loyalty programme?

A special VIP loyalty scheme is to be introduced later this year.

What is the biggest prize won to date at Posh Bingo?

Socket1 won £49,565 on the Fluffy Favourites progressive slot game beating the previous record held for the biggest single win on Posh Bingo by xxcexthexbeexx who won £45,577 on the same game! This game isn’t just about cuteness and fluff, it’s more about big bucks =)

What promotion do you have planned for July?

£2,500 Home Make-over competition runs throughout the month of July & the main game plays on 1st Aug, plus Fever Pitch £2,010 & Wags World Cup Bingo & Instant Games Tournament finish on 11 July. Game, Set, Match Wimbledon Promos finish on 4 July.

When the new lobby launches there will be Daily Penny pre-buy games, plus a daily Sliding £500 game to play every hour on the hour between 6pm & midnight in a new room.

How important are social networking sites to the success of Posh Bingo?

On our Posh Facebook page (the Poshest page on Facebook) we run impromptu mini promos to push our Posh games and to create a buzz & encourage fans to visit the page and the Posh site! There’s all manner of ways for players to make a few extra bps, as well as meet new Posh pals!! For starters, players can join in our weekly Fan of the Week promo & win 5,000bps. A task or question is posed each week & the best answer wins! We even publicise deposit bonus codes here. Social networking sites are great for spreading the word!

Finally tell us why our reader should choose Posh Bingo?

Posh Bingo offers its players a stylish way to play bingo. One doesn’t need spas, golf and fancy handbags to be posh anymore, because with Posh Bingo, our players are posh even at home in their favourite fluffy slippers!

Click here to play at Posh Bingo
Click here to play at Posh Bingo