Eloquent Ela Archive

City Bingo’s Tea Queen

The City Bingo cat is a well-travelled fella and friends to the stars. It does not matter where he goes, you'll always find him rubbing shoulders with someone famous. He is taking things one step further this month though, and is heading to the palace to have

Summer Time At Bingo Hollywood

It's Summer Time at Bingo Hollywood, and they are celebrating our little bit of nice weather with a selection of exciting promotions. All this month, if you bingo on the ball that matches that day’s date (e.g. the number 17 on the 17th), you'll need to shout

Picnic Picks At Rio Bingo

We don't know about you, but we love the great outdoors. On those rare occasions we get a bit of nice weather, we just love jumping in the car and heading out for a spur of the moment adventure in the countryside or to have a paddle

Welcome To Gala Bingo

Gala is one of the biggest names in the industry, both online and on the high street. They have achieved this level of success by looking after their many customers, and from the moment you sign up for an account, you'll start reaping the benefits. Registering should

Glasto Glam From Wish Bingo

Summer is great because not only does it bring with it the nice weather (fingers crossed) but it also signifies the start of the festival season. It does not matter if you love your pop music, dance the night away waving glow sticks or prefer to rock

Garden Glamour From Rio Bingo

How is your garden looking after the long Winter months? If it's anything like ours, the grass is nearly as tall as the fence, the weeds are looking more like Triffids and the once pristine patio now looks like a mossy mess. Now that the Summer is