Eloquent Ela Archive

It’s Hallowin At City Bingo

The City Bingo cat is feeling brave and has decided to spend the scariest night of the year with Dracula! The count has promised not to serve him anything too gory for his lunch and has lined up a juicy chicken for him to get his teeth

October Exclusive At Lucky Wheel Bingo

Lucky Wheel Bingo is one of the brands running the impressive Jumpman Gaming software. Unlike the majority of them that joined the 15 Network, they opted for the Wheel of Slots network instead. This gives their roomies access to the same great games, but with a different

Judges Houses At Mecca Bingo

If you are anything like us, you get a bit bored of the X Factor as soon as the audition rounds are over. For us, it's always the novelty acts and those disillusioned few who think they are great but can't hold a note that really makes

Charity Bingo Heroes

Charity Bingo is one of the many brands on the 15 Network, all of which offer a great mix of games and promotions. As their name suggests though, they have a bigger purpose and that is to raise as much money for charity as they possibly can.

It’s Harvest Time At Costa Bingo

Harvesting refers to the time of the year when the farmers gather the ripe crops from their fields. It's at this point they celebrate with a festival and share their goodies with family and public alike during a huge feast. Costa Bingo want to keep this tradition